We are one-tird of the Philippine population, defined as those who are 15-30 years old.

(Republic Act 8044)


We love school a lot. But study has little time to do with it. What really like most in school are not so much the teacher's lectures (23%), but activities that involve interaction with our friends and classmates.

(The McCann-Philllipines Youth Study 2000)


We spend 2 to 5 hours, 2 to 3 times a week, in a mall. We continue to take in over 30 hours of media weekly, securing its position of dominance and influence.

(J. Walter Thompson's Survey of Media Habits of Filipino Teens.)


We are bombarded with the most number of commercials per hour among Asians: a taxing 18 minuites comared to 13 in Australia, 12 in Indonesia and Singapore, 11 in Japan, 10 in Hong Kong, Thailang and the Us, and 8 in South Korea.

(Fookien Times, 1998)


Of all the issues that trobles us adolecents today, lonliness ranks at the top of the list... Loneliness creates an emotional vaccum that is filled by an intense peer culturee, a critical buffer against young people's fear of isolation.

(Newsweek, 10 May 1999)


"Having good marraige and family life" (98%) is topmost in what we consider as very importanst aspects of our life. And first in our list of things that give us personal satisfaction is "the way we get along with our parents"

(National Survey on Youth, National Statistics Office)